...What gives you the right?

Bill of Rights Have you ever heard the news talk about shutting down a strip joint or a porn store? What's the first thing they say? FIRST AMENDMENT!! You can't take away my freedom of speech. Have you ever heard the news talk about some kid trying read his Bible in school? What's the first thing they say? SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!! You can't believe in Jesus HERE. Why do strippers have more rights than Christians? Last time I checked the Bill of Rights applied to ALL Americans. The fact is "Separation of Church and State" is a CONCEPT, not a law, not part of the constitution. Let's see what the constitution really says about religion.

First Amendment

That's it? That's all it says? Yep. You can't ban the Bible. Sorry.

Now that we've established the legality, let's talk about the reality. If you think that Christians are more dangerous than porn, either you don't know enough about sexual predators, or you've known too many sad excuses for Christians. I won't try to defend the gay bashers or the KKK. Those guys are looney and dangerous and they have an unfortunate surprise in store for them when they get to those pearly gates. The problem is that Christianity in the United States (and other "Christian" countries) is more of a cliche than a spiritual movement.

Who's right?  Who's wrong?  Who cares?

So what should we do about it? Ban the Religious Right? Boycott church? Let me pose a question. What's the difference between Christian bashing and gay bashing? Answer: Gay bashing is a "hate crime" and makes the news. Christian bashing is a fashion statement and makes for good jokes on late night TV.

When the "Religious Right" is critical of homosexuality, the "Liberal Left" says, "You just need education. You need to understand the gays!" Hmm. So, when the "Liberal Left" is critical of Christianity wouldn't it make sense for them to follow their own advice? Maybe you should find out what Christianity is REALLY about. It's not about hate crimes. It's not about taking away people's rights. It's about love. The kind of love that loves even when the recipient doesn't deserve to be loved. It's about unconditional love. Now, even if you disagree with me, you might be interested to know that Jesus loves you ANYWAY. If you're ready to get off your social dogma soap box, find out what my slogan really means before you start bashing it. What does it mean?