...What Does It Mean?

Earth Here's my twenty second version of what this all means. First there was God. God made the Earth. Then, Got put people on the Earth. God gave the people some simple rules to keep them from hurting each other. But the people decided it was more fun to hurt each other than to listen to God. The problem was that the things people did had a high price. For doing the things they did, people would have to die and then spend eternity in a place away from God (a.k.a. Hell). The people quit listening to God and eventually tried to convince each other that God didn't exist and Hell didn't exist. So, God did something about it. If the people wouldn't return his phone calls, he'd have to pay them a visit. Jesus was born; God and man rolled into one. He spread the message - "There is a God. There is a Hell. God still loves you and he doesn't want you to go there." In fact, Jesus was not only the messenger, he was the one who'd make it possible for people to go to Heaven instead of Hell. Jesus loves us all so much that he would do whatever it takes to save us. He loves us EVEN THOUGH we're pretty unlovable sometimes. Thus, I'm here to carry on the message... Jesus loves you ANYWAY.

Okay, so Jesus loves me. What can I do?