...What Can I Do?

Bikers for Jesus A lot of people shy away from Jesus because they feel like their life is too messy for God. "I can't be a Christian. I like to drink and smoke." "I can't go to church. I'm a long-haired rock-n-roll freak." "God can't love me. I've done too much bad stuff." Let me ask you something. Have you ever been afraid to take a shower because you were too dirty?

You don't have to be a spit-n-polish, never cuss, never smoke, never drink, Ned Flanders for Jesus to love you. He loves you ANYWAY! Just the way you are. I'll be honest with you. Jesus may not like all the things you DO, but he does love YOU. In fact, when Jesus was here on Earth, he didn't like hanging out with the church folks. He was all about sharing his love with the fringe. He spent lots of time with the drinkin' and cussin' crowd because they needed to know that he loved them ANYWAY!

So, do you have to give up all your favorite hobbies before Jesus can save you? Heck no! Believe it or not, there are Christian biker gangs, Christian hard rock bands, and even Christian churches in bars! You may have played pool with a Christian at your favorite pool hall. You may have shared a drink with a Christian at your favorite bar. There IS a difference, though. Christians understand that they are not perfect, but that Jesus loves them ANYWAY. Christians live their lives for God rather than for themselves. They seek out God's will, and to be honest, that can be difficult sometimes. "A HA! I knew there was a catch!" I hear you say. "What is God going to make me do?" you ask. God won't make you do anything. But he will change you. For starters, he asks you to do two simple things: Love God and love people. That's all you need to know for you Jesus to save you. So, if that's all you need to know, what do you need to do? Well, let me tell you.